Bagley School - from the past to the present

Recently we marked the 100th anniversary of the first graduating class of Bagley High School. The origin of education in the Bagley area dates back to the 1890s. One of the first schools in the area was located in Popple Township, west of Bagley.

Formal education in Bagley began in 1898 when a two-story wooden structure was built at the present elementary site for a cost of $1,000. Grace Kravig was the first teacher, but she stayed only one year. Walter Day and Sara Moen arrived in 1900 and are credited with establishing the first school library.

During the 1902-03 school year, an average of 66 pupils attended the 115-day school term. Neither of the two teachers had themselves graduated high school.

The first brick structure was built in 1903. The building cost $15,000 and was capable of meeting the needs of 300 students.

In 1907, Ed Wright was the first graduate of Bagley High School. Some of his coursework included: algebra, plane geometry, civics, physiography and Latin grammar.

Bagley was added to the State High School List in 1908. To be eligible, a district needed a population of at least 1,000 and an assessed value of at least $200,000, a minimum of 200 students and five grade level teachers.

A gymnasium was added in the summer of 1911. At the time, it was the largest one in Northwest Minnesota. By 1910, the school had achieved the designation of a State Agriculture High School with an experimental farm. Two years later, the teacher training department was established.

A new high school was built in 1915. The older structure was transitioned to an elementary-only facility. The "new" building was used until 1996, when it was torn down.

A sizable grant from the Public Works Administration was used to finance the construction of a three-story addition in 1935. The new building included, a library, gym, several classrooms and assembly room. Six elementary classrooms were added in 1948. The school was growing so rapidly, however, that these classrooms failed to adequately fill the needs. By 1955, a new elementary school was completed. This school continues to serve our students today.

By 1972, thoughts were once again turning to expansion. A new gym was added to the east side of the high school. The former gym was remodeled to use as a theater.

Safety considerations resulted in the construction of a $9.6 million high school which was completed in 1996. Much of the old high school, adjacent to the elementary, was demolished. The elementary was remodeled with a new media center constructed between the elementary school and gymnasium.

Today, the elementary serves approximately , 575 students pre-K through sixth grade.

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